When you partner with TricorBraun WinePak, you’re partnering with our experienced team and our robust domestic and global quality programs. The result: thorough and meticulous inspections of your glass, ensuring that your bottles arrive every time ready to fill with exceptional wine.

At WinePak, our quality assurance team is second to none—and we provide our customers with a wide range of tools and technical support to ensure both quality and customer satisfaction. From identifying and resolving potential problems early to troubleshooting challenges during filling or labeling, our team supports customers at all stages of the packaging process.

Ensuring Quality One Bottle at a Time

WinePak customers get sourcing exclusively from vendors certified in quality assurance and environmental management. With ISO 9000 certification, our vendors don’t just say they have quality assurance standards: they have systems in place to ensure that their bottles consistently meet your requirements. Similarly, having ISO 14000 certification means that our wine bottle vendors are actively managing their operations in environmentally responsible ways. And it may sound like overkill, but we don’t take their word for it.

We inspect wine bottles every hour of every day to make sure they’re free from both critical and minor defects. We also run sophisticated tests to ensure that your bottles are free from heavy metals and other contaminants. In addition, WinePak is the only packaging distributor to have a 5-person inspection team onsite at our Chinese vendor. That means that any deviations from acceptable quality limits are identified immediately, not after your shipment shows up on US shores.

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