A “Transparent” Dive into Glass Blog Series Part 3: Decoration Considerations to Drive Brand Differentiation

6 bottles ranging from green, yellow, to red colored wine bottles with unique designs on each one.
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A “Transparent” Dive into Glass Blog Series Part 3: Decoration Considerations to Drive Brand Differentiation 6 bottles ranging from green, yellow, to red colored wine bottles with unique designs on each one.

A wine packaging solution with a distinctive and engaging look can easily resonate with your consumers and differentiate your product from competitors. Whether it’s a stock or custom wine bottle, it’s important to consider the entire packaging aesthetic—from closure differentiation to bottle shape and possible glass decorations. Whichever direction you decide to go with your wine bottle, TricorBraun WinePak can help provide you with exceptional packaging, expert guidance, and a competitive edge.

Color and Effects 

Aside from clear, glass can be available in a few different colors. However, the material can be tweaked or optimized to create various color effects. For example:

    • Spray applications give the effect of a different bottle color. 
    • Matte, glossy, ombre, or frosted finishes can customize the bottle's color and sheen.


Glass Embossing and Cartouches

Glass embossing is ideal for brand identification and provides a textured effect that captivates consumers and indicates premiumization. An embossed area is more fragile, so avoiding a place on the bottle that connects with another bottle is essential to prevent stress fractures and breakage on automated filling and labeling lines. Cartouches on wine bottles are becoming increasingly popular and can help a consumer recognize your brand much quicker and easier among other bottles on the shelf.

Closures and Capsules

Stylized custom closures and capsules can also set your brand apart. WinePak offers a variety of stock or custom capsule options as well as screwcap closures to complete your BVS neck finish wine bottles. Screwcap closures are increasing in popularity for various reasons, including providing consistency from one bottle to another. These special types of closures aid in preserving wine’s aroma, flavor, and freshness, and will not leave cork taint in your wine. We also provide custom color and design options as well.


Whether you seek a custom or stock wine bottle packaging solution, our Design & Engineering team has the insights and expertise to provide eye-catching decoration recommendations to help differentiate your brand from the competition.

When a stock option doesn’t fit your specific needs, our skilled team of graphic designers, industrial designers, and packaging engineers can help you design and develop a complete solution that realizes your vision. From box and bottle designs that showcase your brand story, we’re here to help. 


Our team will also make the best recommendations for custom solutions based on your operational requirements and development timeline to ensure seamless and successful commercialization. For more information on how we can deliver custom wine bottles in bulk and wholesale orders, please contact us at info@tricorbraunwinepak.com or 1-800-DRINKWINE.



As a winemaker or winery owner, you have the luxury of deciding the style of bottle your wine to goes into. Our expert Packaging Consultants can help with finding the perfect mold of the specific style bottle you are looking for.  We feature a broad selection of high-quality wine bottles from the finest names in the wine packaging business. View our selection of stock products or design a bottle that fits your product’s unique profile.


Whether you’re looking for a stock package or a groundbreaking custom design, WinePak's proven process will guide your packaging decisions from napkin sketch all the way to the retail shelf.

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